*PlexiFoto Fine Art Specs and FAQ

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Fine Art PlexiFoto. Performance and design.


Suitable for museums, galleries and fine art. With our Fine Art PlexiFoto prints, we face mount an Epson glossy photo print (archival pigment print) to framing grade plexiglas using optically clear adhesive. Because this face mounting technique builds upon an Epson archival pigment print, it retains all the advantages of archival pigment prints. It possess a wide color gamut, incredible resolution and high archivability / print permanence in comparison to Direct Impression PlexiFoto and other photo paper print methods such as C-prints.
(Read more about the advantages of archival pigment prints).

Beyond the product specs of Fine Art PlexiFoto, we spend the time to meticulously inspect your print for potential imperfections and make sure that no bubbles, tears or dust will be in your final print. Anything less than perfect is re-done. This method of plexi printing is so refined, it is suitable for museums, galleries and the likes of high caliber art such as Peter Lik prints, Art Basel and Andreas Gursky prints.


What's included.
Fine Art PlexiFoto:

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3 mm High gloss, framing grade plexiglas (acrylic)

We source from the best vendors and use only the best name brands in the industry to ensure you get the highest caliber of clarity and vividness, free of imperfections such as dust or bubbles.

With Fine Art Plexiglas, there is also an option for 3 mm matte (nonglare) plexiglas. Don’t know when to use nonglare vs glossy plexiglas?
Read about printing on plexiglas nonglare vs glossy.



Epson Archival Pigment Prints on glossy or metallic paper

Many artists, homeowners and art collectors worry that their well spent time and money will go to waste with a print that will fade over time which is why print permanence and longetivity can be well worth the extra investment for some. The use of Epson Archival Pigment prints in Fine Art PlexiFoto ensures not only a wider color gamut and higher resolution in your print but also a marked increase in print permanence (archivability). Additionally Epson Ultrachrome OEM ink has been proven to outlast C-prints by a long margin.

Learn more about print permanence and the different methods used to achieve longer archivability.


Acid free, optically clear adhesive made in Japan

Made in a clean room and imported from Japan, our face mounting adhesive has superior archival properties and long lasting print-to-acrylic adhesion. We also use acid free adhesives on the back side of your print for a strong, archival print-to-aluminum bond.


CNC milled for precise sizes, polished edges and unique shapes

Every Tropicolor Big Ass Print comes precisely cut with polished edges for comfortable handling. Computerized cutting achieves exact and precise sizes and professional grade polished edges. If you have several prints of the same size such as in the case of triptychs, only CNC cuts can guarantee that your prints will match in size.

More on unique CNC shapes >


All hanging hardware included. Up on your wall in minutes.

With every Tropicolor Big Ass Print comes the promise of rigid, structurally sound hanging hardware. We put our mounting hardware through rigorous testing to ensure your print will not bow, warp or fall off your wall no matter how large your print. Our aluminum prints come with a 1” or ½” aluminum subframe depending on the size of your print. Each subframe comes complete with D-rings and art hangers rated to safely hold the weight of your print.

PlexiFoto Fine Art comes with backed with 3 mm aluminum composite (dibond) which provides additional rigidity in comparison to komatex (PVC). The 3 mm aluminum backing also adds an aesthetic and tangible architectural feel to your print.


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 General FAQ

  • Will the plexiglas yellow over time?

In short, no. Have you ever seen a bar top with resin that has yellowed over the years?

Plexiglas will not suffer the same as it transmits 92% of visible light. In an aging study, it was determined that in the span of over 10 years in the harshest sunlight, plexiglas will only lose about 2% of its clarity which you cannot detect with the naked eye. In fact, Plexiglas is so clear you can look through the edge of a thick sheet and read a business card easily.

During World War II, acrylic / plexiglas sheets were used in aircraft manufacturing and those old planes have been sitting in the sun for 60 years and the plexiglas is still clear.

This is what helps the final PlexiFoto print look so vibrant and we invest in name brand, high quality plexiglas sheets to ensure your print will look its absolute best.

  • Is plexiglas the same as acrylic?

Similar to how there are many varieties of wood and metals out there, there’s a lot of variety in plastics. Acrylic is the generic name for the optically clear plastic known as clear methyl methacrylate resin. Names such as Plexiglas, Plexiglass, Plex, Plexi Glass, Flexi Glass, Perspex, Polycast, Lucite, Optix and Acrylite are all synonyms and brand names for different acrylic sheets. All these terms mean are interchangeable for this thermoplastic material.

  • How do I clean my PlexiFoto print?

To clean you print on plexi do not use Windex or any cleaner with ammonia or alcohol. Doing so will cause your plexiglas to become opaque over time. We recommend cleaners such as a Novus. If none of these are readily available a little bit of dish soap and water and a soft, non abrasive cloth will also work.

  • What is print archivability / print permanence? What’s the difference between C print and Ink jet?

Many artists, homeowners and art collectors worry that their well spent time and money will go to waste with a print that will fade over time which is why print permanence and longevity can be well worth the extra investment for some. Learn more about print permanence and the different methods used to achieve longer archivability.

  • I’m worried by photo will not look sharp enough. Or that there isn’t enough resolution. How can I check?

The easiest way to check your photo for resolution and potential print size is to submit it for a photo analysis or email us: Simply let us know the final size you intend to print and we'll take it from there.

If you're interested in learning how to analyze your photo visit: FAQ - How large can I print my photo? Does it have enough resolution? What is viewing distance?

  • What are some other terms and descriptions for PlexiFoto?

There are a ton of different ways of describing PlexiFoto which may get confusing. But should any match the listed descriptions below, then there's a good chance it is the PlexiFoto finish we offer at Tropicolor.

Other terms and descriptions for PlexiFoto:

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Why Tropicolor?

​Shop around and obtain other quotes. We are confident our price is very competitive considering how much quality, care and time we put into our product.  If you can get a better written offer with the same specs and materials, let us know and we can try to come closer to their quote. However, be sure to compare apples to apples since there are a lot of subtle things that you cannot see at a glance but will notice in person or will affect the longevity and archivability of your print.

Exceptional Quality. Exceptional Service:

  • Experience. Founded as a family-owned business since 1986, Tropicolor’s original owners--the Chien brothers--have almost three decades of experience to offer you. View Tropicolor's history.
  • Excellent service and knowledgeable staff. Our staff is here to help you with any printing questions you can think of. From technical questions to general inspiration. We are happy to consult with you.
  • Color correction provided for all images, unless they are professionally taken and already come color corrected.
  • Turnround: All ready to hang prints are completed between 3 - 7 working days.
  • Professional, gallery quality work: Tropicolor is the proud printer of the Art Basel VIP Collector’s Lounge and numerous museums and galleries in Miami and internationally. View Tropicolor's portfolio.




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