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Covid-19 Prevention Policy

How do the ongoing circumstances due to Covid-19 affect business at Tropicolor?
We are following all local and state guidelines to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. We are still able to fulfill orders online through our website as our staff work from home as a result of the current shutdown. During this time, orders will now be delivered as in-store pickup is currently unavailable. After each order is produced and boxed it is then placed in a decontamination zone for two days before being sent out for delivery so as to help prevent the potential spread of the virus. 

Currently no member of staff has contracted Covid-19 and all are sheltering in place as per the mandate from Miami-Dade County.
Could the shipping boxes pose a threat of contracting the coronavirus?
It is our recommendation that each box should be isolated for two days after being received. Although we isolate each package for two days in our decontamination zone prior the shipping to prevent the spread of the virus on our end, we cannot guarantee that the delivery transporters have not been in contact with the virus. Please follow the preventative precaution described above.
Are there any delays in delivery?
Unfortunately, yes delays in the turn-around time of our products are probable. We are currently working with a reduced production staff and have added the extra precaution of isolating packages for two days prior to delivery. As a result, please be patient while we work to provide you the best possible service. We apologize for any inconvenience from the delayed delivery times.
Is Tropicolor available for in-person sales?
Due to the shutter-in-place mandate of Miami-Dade County our physical store is currently closed until further notice. Our last day of business was Thursday March 19th, at 5:30pm. Orders may still be placed online through our website.
What should I be aware of as a Tropicolor client during this time?
We are here to help with all of your printing needs. Tropicolor is following all safety guidelines and have put in to place the preventative measure of isolating each package for two days prior to shipping. Our production staff is working at a reduced capacity so as to keep everyone healthy and safe. Please be aware that with these current restrictions, there may be delays in the delivery of your purchase. It is in the best interest of our clients that the safety measure of isolating the received package for two days before opening it is followed to best help prevent contracting the virus.
How can I get help with a specific order or request?
Our customer service staff is available remotely to help you with all of your printing inquires. Please email us at print@tropicolor.com with any questions or concerns you may have about our services.