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Turn around: 5-7 working days

Fine art pigment print mounted between acrylic (plexi) glass + aluminum backing

Present your trophy image as it was meant to be. No competing frames and with color just as impressive and vivid as you experienced it. The choice presentation by galleries, designer homes, boutique hotels and retailers, professional photographers and museums. 

Forward view: Optically clear adhesive + FotoPrint + 3 mm Plexi

The airtight seal created between the print and plexi, coupled with the high gloss properties of the acrylic, intensify nearly every aspect of the print. Colors appear more vivid and details appear sharper. This face-mounting technique also provides additional archival protection. 


• Beautiful structural backing.
• The rigid aluminum backing coupled with the 1" sub-frame prevent the soft plexiglas from bowing.
• "Floating look" provided by 1" aluminum sub-frame

QualityEvery piece is:

 • Inspected for dust, scratches and bubbles.
 • Cut and polished
                                                                                                               • Comes with D-rings (up-gradable to French Cleat) + two hangers suitable for 50-100 lb



Turn around: 3-4 working days

Timeless, simple and traditional. An excellent way to turn any image into a wall-worthy piece. Also an excellent solution for salvaging low-resolution images. The texture of the canvas helps conceal pixelation.  

Forward View:

The grainy, textured surface of canvas gives dimension and character your piece. 

Finishing + Material:

• Outdoor durable: printed with water resistant ink and special blend water resistant canvas.

• Choose between solid color wrap around or image continuation 


• Each piece is stretched by hand ensuring a centered image

• Each piece comes complete with a hanging hardware