*PVC Direct Impression Specs and FAQ

PVC Direct Impression 

  • 3 mm komatex PVC
  • Direct print on PVC
  • Hanging hardware (Optional)
  • CNC milled (computerized cuts)
  • Durable -- humidity resistant
  • Lightweight
  • 60 x 120” Max Size

With our direct impressions, we lay a sheet of framing grade PVC down onto our Fuji Acuity flatbed printer and ink is sprayed directly onto the PVC and then cured by trailing UV lights. The result is a beautiful print with the added benefit of durability in terms of humidity. 


Why Tropicolor?

Shop around and obtain other quotes. We are confident our price is very competitive considering how much quality, care and time we put into our product.  If you can get a better-written offer with the same specs and materials, let us know and we can try to come close to their quote. However, be sure to compare apples to apples since there are a lot of subtle things that you cannot see at a glance but will notice in person or will affect the longevity and archivability of your print.

Exceptional Quality. Exceptional Service:

  • Experience. Founded as a family-owned business since 1986, Tropicolor’s original owners--the Chien brothers--have almost three decades of experience to offer you. View Tropicolor's history.
  • Excellent service and knowledgeable staff. Our staff is here to help you with any printing questions you can think of. From technical questions to general inspiration. We are happy to consult with you.
  • Color correction provided for all images, unless they are professionally taken and already come color corrected.
  • Turnround: All ready to hang prints are completed between 3 - 7 working days..
  • Professional, gallery quality work: Tropicolor is the proud printer of the Art Basel VIP Collector’s Lounge and numerous museums and galleries in Miami and internationally. View Tropicolor's portfolio.

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