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Classroom Desk Guard
Classroom Desk Guard
Classroom Desk Guard
Classroom Desk Guard
Classroom Desk Guard

Classroom Desk Guard

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Classroom Desk Guard - PETG Trifold Barrier: Clear self standing partition (3 to 5 working days)

Classrooms Desk Guard for Healthy, Happy Learning 

The Classroom Desk Guard is an ideal precautionary aid for parents, teachers, and school systems in this new era of back-to-school supplies. These .75mm PETG barriers are self-supporting, easy-to-clean, and completely see through. Students will not have to strain their eyes looking through an opaque shield like those sold by other merchants. Crystal clear, self-standing, and with rounded corners for comfortable handling, our Classroom Desk Guard is the best small partition on the market.



Classroom Desk Guard Assembly Instructions:

1- Fold along crease at 90° starting from the bottom flaps and the left, and right crease so that the base is level with the surface of the desk

2- Use Caution: peel off protective film to avoid scratches

3- Apply double-sided tape to adhere guard to the workspace (if desired)


For Students / Children

Width: 22 inches
Height: 17.75 inches
Deep: 12 inches

For Teachers / Adults

Width: 36 inches
Height: 22.5 inches
Deep: 20 inches

Production time:

3 - 5 Working days
Free local pick up or shipping available at checkout

What's included with the Classroom Desk Guard:

.75mm PETG Trifold Barrier 
Total Dimensions: 22x17.75x12
CNC Cut for Precise Edges 
Rounded Corner for Comfortable Handling
Cord-Accessible Slot Option Available
Easy Assembly
Simple Cleaning


All sales of Tropicolor Solutions products are final and no returns or refunds will be issued. There is a protective film that must be peeled off by the consumer prior to use. This product is meant for disposable use as it may become scratched, scuffed, or marked easily over time. During times of high demand there may be a slight delay in production time. 

Please note:

To clean do not use Windex or any cleaner with ammonia or alcohol. Doing so will cause PETG to become opaque over time. We recommend cleaners such as a Novus. If none of these are readily available a little bit of dish soap and water with a soft, non-abrasive microfiber cloth will also work.

Other terms and descriptors for Classroom Desk Guard:

Classroom partitions, see through barrier