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Wall Worthy - Contact Sheet Art

Contact sheets. Contact sheets! Do most folks in their 20s even know what contact sheets are anymore? Back in the film days, contact sheets or “proof prints" were a convenient way of previewing an entire roll of film prior to enlarging particular frames. What’s appealing about contact sheets is the “behind the scenes” glimpse the viewer is offered. Typically, we only get to see the final winning image that conveys an artist’s intended message. With contact sheets, we get a bird’s eye view of the photographer’s progress with their subject which brings a nice sense of movement and a candid element to the work.

For the enormous volume of digital photos we have, contact sheet art can be used to unify your favorite images as they help apply structure and cohesion to your collection of images. Furthermore, contact sheets are a great way to get around low resolution problems since several small images are amassed to create a larger print.

Got too many favorite vacation photos to choose from? Contact sheet it. All your wedding photos are perfect and you need a collection to convey how special your day was and all those in attendance? Contact sheets. You want to remind your baby of home before they run off to college? Contact sheet. Too many good selfies to give your boo? Contact sheets.

Contact sheets are beautiful and classic and when paired with a sleek print on plexi (PlexiFoto) an eye-catching juxtaposition is created. They also make fantastic gifts.

We love helping you turn your favorite memories into tangible items. If you need help getting started with a contact sheet, visit Contact Sheet Art on As always, you can shoot us an email, stop by or give us a call as well.

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