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Fulfillment Service

For Artist and Photographers
Sit back and relax while we do all the work in the background, Tropicolor can even blind ship* to your client.


 1-Upload your order: Choose your desired medium (acrylic/aluminum/wood etc) and size.

2- Specify your ship/delivery instruction under Custom Size and Comment box: Let us know you want blind shipping with your client's delivery address.
From this point on, you don't have to worry about it anymore, we will do the rest.


3- Production will print your file as per your request.

4- Packaging: We will pack it so that it arrives in perfect condition. 

5- Shippment:We will send it to the address you provided and use your name and address as the sender if "blind shipment" is required.

*Blind Shipping

Blind shipping is a type of drop shipping– where not only is the shipment sent directly to the customer, but that customer does not know the identity of the supplier.

Why use blind or double-blind shipping?

Let's say you sell custom artwork and don't want to reveal who your supplier is. If your packaging contains supplier information, your customer may try to place their next order directly from the supplier, bypassing you. Blind shipping helps to avoid this-and keep your customers.