*Print on Aluminum Specs and FAQ

 Direct Impression on Brushed Aluminum.
Real texture behind every pixel.


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With prints on aluminum, there's an irresistible allure: As the brushed aluminum texture shows through, the image appears to be dynamic and changes as you view the print from different angles. Easy to love, beautiful to look at, it comes ready to hang. Your print on aluminum isn’t just stunning, it’s also durable. With no paper involved, it is moisture proof and lightfast--you don’t have to worry about humidity and sunlight aging your print.



1/2" - 1"


48 x 96"

max size



Brushed aluminum texture
wherever your image is white or bright.

With new direct UV print technology, no white ink is printed unless specified. The ink is sprayed directly onto the aluminum substrate and the result is that any areas of your image with white or any area that is bright with strong highlights will allow the bare print material (aluminum) to remain exposed.Images with a lot of white, high in contrast or those that have punchy graphic design are well suited to aluminum prints.

However, we highly recommend ordering a sample or coming into our studio to see the material with your own eyes. Direct prints on aluminum are incredibly stunning, and incredibly difficult to fully describe. We can only come so close to explaining and showing the exquisite properties over digital platforms.



CNC Milling for precise cuts,
polished edges and unique shapes.

Every Tropicolor Big Ass Print comes precisely cut with polished edges for comfortable handling. Computerized cutting achieves exact and precise sizes and professional grade polished edges. If you have several prints of the same size such as in the case of triptychs, only CNC cuts can guarantee that your prints will match in size. 

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All hanging hardware included.
Up on your wall in minutes.

With every Tropicolor Big Ass Print comes the promise of rigid, structurally sound hanging hardware. We put our mounting hardware through rigorous testing to ensure your print will not bow, warp or fall off your wall no matter how large your print. Our aluminum prints come with a 1” or ½” aluminum subframe depending on the size of your print. Each subframe comes complete with D-rings and art hangers rated to safely hold the weight of your print.

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