*PlexiFoto Specs and FAQ

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PlexiFoto, the gallery look.
Color intensity behind every pixel.

PlexiFoto prints aren't novelties--they're timeless. Frameless yet dramatically powerful. The moment your PlexiFoto print is on your wall, its gorgeous glossy finish turns your photo into a stunning display of art sure to add character and ambiance to your space. The hanging hardware provided gives the illusion a print floating off the wall. It’s no wonder PlexiFoto is the go to print finish preferred by professional artists, photographers, galleries and museums


Ultra glossy, ultra brilliant. 3D and alive.

With a print on plexi, every photo leaps off the wall in rich, vibrant detail to deliver a bold visual experience with sleek, highly finished, minimal design. We use framing grade plexiglas to ensure your image is vivid and clear. Hardware and art function in perfect unison creating a new photo finish sure to delight your eyes for years.


Frameless. A smarter way to display your prints.

With no competing frame, your image speaks for itself. There’s no struggling to match frame moulding to your image and your existing decor. There’s no potential for the frame to date your work. Frameless prints also take some pressure off gift giving.


CNC milling for precise cuts,
polished edges and unique shapes

Every Tropicolor Big Ass Print comes precisely cut with polished edges for comfortable handling. Computerized cutting achieves exact and precise sizes and professional grade polished edges. If you have several prints of the same size such as in the case of triptychs, only CNC cuts can guarantee that your prints will match in size. 

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All hanging hardware included.
Up on your wall in minutes.

With every Tropicolor Big Ass Print comes the promise of rigid, structurally sound hanging hardware. We put our mounting hardware through rigorous testing to ensure your print will not bow, warp or fall off your wall no matter how large your print. Our aluminum prints come with a 1” or ½” aluminum subframe depending on the size of your print. Each subframe comes complete with D-rings and art hangers rated to safely hold the weight of your print.

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PlexiFoto is for everyone.

Though it looks high end, PlexiFoto blends well in any home due to its minimal design.
There are some different methods in printing on plexi however.

You may be wondering what the difference is between a “Direct Impression PlexiFoto” and a “Fine Art PlexiFoto”?

Or what the difference is between direct print on plexi vs a face mount on plexi?

The main differences between direct print vs face mount is the technique by which the image is applied to the acrylic. With direct prints, ink is sprayed directly onto the plexiglas whereas with face mounting, your image is first printed on photographic paper and then adhered to a sheet of plexiglas. Both are similar in that your image is displayed under framing grade Plexiglas (acrylic). Both have the same brilliant, vivid, frameless and sleek look however there are a few differences in terms of archivability, color gamut and resolution detailed below.



Fine Art PlexiFoto

  • 3 mm high gloss framing grade plexiglas (acrylic)
    • Option for 3 mm nongalre (matte) plexiglas.
  • Epson archival pigment print on glossy or metallic paper
  • Acid free, optically clear adhesive for face mount
  • 3 mm Aluminum (dibond) Backing
  • Hanging hardware
  • CNC milled (computerized cuts)
  • Archival with incredibly longevity
  • 60 x 120” Max Size

With our Fine Art PlexiFoto prints, we face mount an Epson glossy photo print (archival pigment print) to framing grade plexiglas. Because this face mounting technique builds upon an Epson archival pigment print, it retains all the advantages of archival pigment prints and possess a wider color gamut, incredible resolution and high archivability / print permanence. This is then backed with 3 mm aluminum composite (dibond) and a hanging subframe.

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    Direct Impression PlexiFoto

    • 3 mm high gloss framing grade plexiglas (acrylic)
      • No option for 3 mm nonglare (matte) plexiglas
    • Direct print on plexiglas (no photo paper)
    • Acid free adhesive for plexiglas to komtaex bond
    • 3 mm komatex (PVC) backing
    • Hanging hardware
    • CNC milled (computerized cuts)
    • Durable -- humidity resistant
    • Lightweight
    • 48 x 96” Max Size

    With our direct impressions, we lay a sheet of framing grade plexiglas down onto our Fuji Acuity flat bed printer and ink is sprayed directly onto the plexiglas and then cured by trailing UV lights. The result is a beautiful print with the added benefit of durability in terms of humidity. This is then backed with 3 mm white komatex (PVC) and a hanging subframe.

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