* Print on Plexi (Acrylic) - Direct Impression PlexiFoto: UV Print behind acrylic (3-5 working days)

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PlexiFoto Direct impressions.
The gallery look for a fraction of the cost.
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Prints on plexi aren't simply novel--they're timeless. Frameless yet dramatically powerful. With no competing frame, they let your photo speak for itself. With your image printed between a plexi and Komatex layer you have a frameless, seamless, glossy print with rigidity and sound structure. With a print on plexi, every photo leaps off the wall in rich, vibrant detail to deliver a bold visual experience with sleek, highly finished, minimal design. Hardware and art function in perfect unison creating a new photo finish sure to delight your eyes for years.

Works well with all images -- check out our Pinterest and Houzz for inspiring ideas

After placing your order:

Once you place your order we'll verify proportion and adequate resolution. If there is an issue, we'll make sure to contact you. By default, all images will be color corrected unless they are professionally done or requests are made for no correction. 

For custom sizes, please email us for a quick quote or select the closest size and we will refund the difference accordingly.

Production time:
  • 3-5 working days
  • Local pick up or shipping available at check out
What’s included. Direct Impression PlexiFoto:
  • 3 mm high gloss plexi (acrylic)
  • 3 mm white Komatex (PVC) backing for rigidity, structure and support
  • ½” or 3/4” aluminum subframe for distortion free prints
  • CNC milled for precise sizes, polished edges and unique shapes
  • All hanging hardware included. Get it on your wall within minutes!

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