* Print on Wood (3-5 working days)

  • $7800

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To create an intriguing look, we fuse UV ink with one of nature's most perfect and trusted gifts: wood. This makes for a beautiful display that brings a natural, rustic element to your print with great texture. With wood as a natural material, every print has a unique pattern of knots and grain. We will do our best to keep important parts of the image, such as faces, away from natural texture that may disrupt your image.

Nature shots, graphic shots, high contrast shots and shots with a lot of white--all look incredible.

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Pinterest for inspiration.

After placing your order:

Once you place your order we'll verify proportion and adequate resolution. If there is an issue, we make sure to contact you.

For custom sizes, please email us for a quick quote or select the closest size and we will refund the difference accordingly.

Production time: 
  • 3-5 working days
  • Local pick up or shipping available at check out
What’s included:
  • Birch wood sheet
  • ½” or 3/4” aluminum subframe for distortion-free prints
  • CNC milled for precise sizes, polished edges and unique shapes
  • All hanging hardware included. Get it on your wall within minutes!
More about Prints on Prints on Wood>
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