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Tropicolor VS The Other Guy


Tropicolor’s Classroom Desk Guard

Designed with precision, the Tropicolor Classroom Desk Guard is a superior PETG partition. A trifold model, this barrier is easy to set up and stands steady. The PETG material is super clear making the Classroom Desk Guard see through so that students won’t strain their eyes taking notes or interacting in the classroom. Our rounded corners prevent any harm to little hands, and the option for a cord accessibility slot allows for a variety of uses. Easy cleaning, self standing, and transparent our Classroom Desk Guard is a perfect choice for every learning environment.

75mm completely clear PETG
Trifold design for unobstructed viewing
Rounded corners for comfortable handling
Easy to Clean
Cord accessibility slot option available
Stands Steady and Level

Generic Shield

When online shopping for the right partition for the classroom, it is easy to find cheap, flimsy versions of our product. To save money, other companies cut corners at every turn. Using inferior plastic makes these versions both hard to see through and hard to stand up. The plastic product above is opaque and cloudy making it almost impossible for a child to see through comfortably for the entire school day. The plastic itself is so thin that the product collapses on itself and is hard to keep level on the surface of the desk. The fourfold design means that a child is constantly staring at a seam instead of viewing their classroom.   
Plastic is opaque and strains the eyes
Flimsy and cannot stand alone
Fourfold design disrupts viewing
We believe in using only the highest quality materials to create the best products on the market. With integrity, meticulousness and precision we promise to provide only excellence every time.